Kitab Al Azif (Necronomicon)

January 24, 2010 in Cthulhu Sitings, Inquisitor News

Ia Kampa, Ia Kampa! Zi dingir Anna Kampa! Cthulhu is dead but dreaming!” 7. “What are you talking about, who are you, and what are these weird dreams?” 8. “You don’t know waht got you involved in! The book was send by Nyarlathotep. He’ll come for you.” 9. “Necronomicon could wake up Cthulhu from his ethernal sleep. But is must not happen!” 10. “Whats that?” 11. “You must leave now! It’s one of his mad cultists!” 12. “It’s never end.” … kitab al azif necronomicon cthulhu ktulu nyarlathotep …

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