hp lovecraft’s “The Outsider”

March 26, 2011 in Inquisitor News, Lovecraft Video Library

I am working on a version of “The Terrible Old Man” as part of a planned video “HP Lovecraft’s Thrillogy of Terrors” that will also include the videos “The Festival” and “Lovecraft Vs. Jason” Check out some of my short stories on facebook under my pseudonym “Silverfish Imperitrix”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My interpretation of HP Lovecraft’s short story “The Hound”, created using The Movies game by Lionhead. A tale of murder, grave-robbing and madness based on the 1922 short story written by HP Lovecraft. It was actually among the first batch of stories he sent to “Weird Tales” magazine. The custom backdrops and overlays are mostly created from personal photographs taken by myself and the soundtrack was mixed by myself. The buildings and streets are all Edinburgh’s Old Town and the forest background from the car was taken from a woodland walk in Sweden. The photographs of the ancient gloomy church were taken in and around Inchcolm Abbey on the Firth of Forth. It’s actually a very nice place and if you’re in the Edinburgh area I would highly recommend a boat trip there! (www.maidoftheforth.co.uk The blood splats were downloaded from www.8eyebaby.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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