I made this webpage in homage to H.P. Lovecraft, who I believe is one of the most influential writers of fiction. He is an inspiration to me and I consider him to be my favorite American writer. His creation of Miskatonic University was never really explored by those who continued his stories and was never truly mapped out by him. The idea of the University always intrigued me, so I decided to build this web page to make it a definitive online source for the University.

The only people who have attempted to map out this university and explore it are the people at Chaosium Inc. With teams working on role-playing supplements for the Call of Cthulhu game, they have made it possible for us to explore this institution. Sandy Antunes wrote the gaming supplement “Miskatonic University: Where Science Meets the Mythos,” from which most of the information on this page derives.

There is much information in the book that is not on this page, such as character attributes, scenarios, and much administrative trivia. The reason for these omissions is to not hinder the sales of the book. The staff of the book merits special notice for their work. They are:

Miskatonic University: Where Science Meets The Mythos, The University
ISBN: 1-56882-033-X
© 1995

  • Miskatonic University: Where Science Meets the Mythos by Sandy Antunes
  • Interior Illustrations (which don’t appear on the web site): Paul P. Hansen and Earl Geier
  • Maps (which don’t appear on the web site): Lillian Butler
  • Project Leader and Editorial: Lynn Willis
  • Editor and Layout: Janice Sellers
  • Copyreading: Anne Merritt
  • Cover Design and Layout (which don’t appear on the web site): Charlie Krank

The book also holds this statement:
“Miskatonic University original manuscript © 1994 by Sandy Antunes; all rights reserved.
Additional material © 1995 by Chaosium Inc.;All rights reserved. Call of Cthulhu is the registered trademark of Chaosium, Inc.”

In order to order it you may click here or go to the Resources.


I submitted a letter to Chaosium requesting permission to create this web site; this was their response:

“Hello Alfred,

“Shannon at Chaosium forwarded your MU email to me, as I was the author of that book. I think it’d be a great idea, so you are welcome to use excerpts from Miskatonic University. In fact, I’m really pleased you liked the book.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I wanted to check with Chaosium about copyright issues. The editor for the project, Lynn Willis, also loved the idea, saying:

“‘>By all means tell him to go ahead with the page. We would especially want >to see your copyright present on the page, and as well the Call of Cthulhu trademark and notice. But it sounds playful and enjoyable; as I imagine it, we need more stuff like it on the web.’

“So there you have it– we all think it’s a smashing idea. I’ll eagerly check your site for the page, and add it to our personal lists at http://www.rpg.net

“Plus, Chaosium will likely link to it once it’s up (send email to chaosium@chaosium.com saying “Shannon, the MU web page discussed earlier is up, please link” and that should take care of it.)

“As far as designing a web page as a direct reference, hmmm.. that could be cool, if and when you get the time. Since the MU book sold out, we are printing up a second edition soon, so feedback is always nice. Plus, there is likely to be an “Arkham 1990” book with sections on MU in the modern era.

“It’s a good time for MU stuff, I think. Thanks again for asking, and best of luck with the project.


Sandy Antunes”

So there you have it. The content design and added sections by public users is under my copyright with the  original content copyright staying with Chaosium and Sandy. I have made every effort to reproduce the  university on a webpage and make it look interesting and authentic, because I have found no other Miskatonic University web pages which have these qualities. All donations to this project help keep it up as this site has been up for 15 years. Considering development time, hosting, and the endless hours spent replying to fans about the book and the University, the donations are really a small sum that barely keep it operational. This is not about profit but about love. I love this site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you really want to get indepth into Miskatonic University, I suggest buying the Miskatonic University: Where Science Meets The Mythos, The University Guidebook.

Thank you Sandy, Lynn, the Chaosium team and the endless fans that have written and contributed.


Those seeking to become members of our illustrious Alumni, please visit our Become an Alumni section to join our website. We hope to see you around campus.

HONESTY: Fake Certificates

Miskatonic University is NOT an official university but rather a work of fiction derived from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. These class listings or certificates are not meant to be used by anyone nor is it proof of anyone taking these classes. This website and its products are meant to be a parody and is in no way official or related to an actual university.

Faculty & Trustees

By purchasing the Fake Certificate with Faculty and Trustee $14.99 we will include your profile in the Trustees section along with the Faculty section and will consider adding your website in our Resources area. We are NOT a tax-exempt organization, this is a fake university website. This is NOT an accredited institution and your faculty page will have a message stating that Miskatonic University is not a real institution. This website is a parody of the Miskatonic University of H.P. Lovecraft’s writings in the early 1920s and exists purely for entertainment purposes.

We hope then that there is a long, continuous participation from everyone to help this university expand.

We already have an example of contributed work which is the Expedition photos submitted to us by the Developer Brothers Studio. These pictures are part of an in dependant project of theirs but they considered it to be an addition to the university with the whole Cthulhu Live campaigning that has begun. The submitted
work will have the author or creator credited with his/her work (with or without a copyright) and I will also make a link to their page within the work submitted and in the Resources directory.

We hope to get many responses soon and I would like to thank everyone who was taken time out to visit the university and given it their gracious time. Special thanks to Sandy Antunes, whom without this would not have been possible. And most of all thanks to the “man of the hour” – H. P. Lovecraft.

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