Our expeditions range anywhere in the world. The professors of each department contribute what they can with our students for the exploration and cataloguing all of the unknown across our world. Through science, we study and learn, but without dedication and a sense of adventure, we would not have discovered the New World. So, as a united body, Miskatonic University spans out with hope for one day to discover a World set apart from us. A World not known to our ignorant eyes. Further we move to knowledge and wisdom to enter the light of the next New World.


Book Hunters

Department: Astronomy
Chancellor Smith, founder of Miskatonic-University.org, has been a long time fan of H.P. Lovecraft's writings. Player of all things Call of Cthulhu™ and various other role-playing games and historian of Occult Studies. In addition to his work here, he is also a composer of dark ambient and founder of the SaberCraft saber choreography notation system.
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Department: Occult Studies
Dr. Matthew Green, professor of Occult Studies, Philosophy and curriculum developer of Miskatonic's Cryptozoology course. He's an extensive traveler and has covered expeditions that have covered the world over.
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Tell your Tale

Would you like to share an expedition tale to our the university. We welcome all stories and publish those featured below and on the Miskatonic Inquisitor. Call of CthulhuTM tales, Lovecraft fiction, short-films, audio-book contributions are all acceptable formats. All Alumni, Faculty and Trustee are allowed to create Expeditions. Add your Expedition today!

Your Expedition will be attributed to you and you will have access to upload images that are associated with your expedition. We’ll create a gallery and display the images. You can upload your expedition in MP3 format as well or even as a video and we’ll add it to the Orne Library Video Collection. We just ask that all images, videos and sounds used are legal to use under the rights of “fair-use”.