Miskatonic Tour: Travelling to Miskatonic

It’s official. The ticket’s been purchased.

Ok, so let’s go back to the beginning – 15 years ago I started Miskatonic University’s website. I’ve been a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft since high-school and I’ve supported this site and works from him and his fans for many years. I’ve always wanted to travel to the North East United States – especially Providence since Lovecraft was from there.

This year I decided to focus on travelling to the NE and have committed to documenting Lovecraft sites for the benefit of this University.

If you’re interested in following me and my girlfriend, Tabatha, on this journey, follow us or like our page and you’ll get our latest updates. We’ll be sharing photos of places such as The Shunned House, his gravesite, and other sites during our tour of Salem and other towns.

The focus of this trip are Bed & Breakfasts (the creepier the better) and a photographic journal of this adventure.

If you’re into lovecraft, join us on our tour of the Northeast.

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