Miskatonic Tour: Providence & Arkham

The Old Court Bed and Breakfast Night 1
We arrived in Providence this afternoon and had a chance to visit several Lovecraftian places. Among which, The Old Court Bed & Breakfast, is where we’re staying. This house is situated next to several key spots including the Shuttered House. From my bathroom window on the First floor I can see the basement of the next building that I believe to be the basis for the Shuttered House. There are speculations as to which building it is. What we do know according to the tale is that it’s located on Benefit St. right in this area. I thought the B&B was the shuttered house itself.

The Old Court Bed and Breakfast East Wall
What amazes me about this place is the decor and the wall paper. The intricate designs of the wallpaper are very psychedelic and organic as it resembles foliage of a distant dream. In the day it gets lost because of the sunlight but at night, while illuminated by low light – it comes out and fancies the eyes of residents.

The Old Court Bed and Breakfast Desk
As I write these posts, it’s from an old wooden desk illuminated by gaslight. My feet can feel the cold coming through the window glass from the near freezing temperatures outside. With each stroke of a key the wood creaks and cracks.

Some other things that stand out about Providence:

The map – the map is illustrated much like the “Arkham” maps provided by Chaosium. Hand illustrated and surrounded by advertisments of local spots.

The University – Brown University is a gorgeous spot and a must if you’re visiting Providence. The “greens” or “commons” is surrounded by the main campus buildings. The halls remind me a bit of Rowling’s Hogwarts as well where there are paintings of past staff. You can just imagine them talking and moving much like the appear in the Harry Potter movies. This place might be an inspiration for Miskatonic University but who truly knows.

John Hayes Library
John Hay Library – holds the largest collection of Lovecraft works and a plaque that contains an inscription as a dedication to Lovecraft. (picture to be uploaded after my trip)

Swan Point Cementary – this is where Lovecraft was buried. The cemetery is quite large and beautiful. Travelling throughout it, I could see Lovecraft wandering the grounds visiting his mother and father’s grave. With each time, taking note of a name written on a tombstone here or there. You can see some names from Lovecraft’s stories popup among them such as Whipple.

It was incredible to stand at the his burial spot. There is a map that you have to follow that I give kudos to several people on the web that gave me the information on how to find the gravesite.

Key websites when touring Providence:
Providence: www.chernobogslair.com/lovecraft/Providence.htm

People complain about not being able to take photos of the grave site and I will be posting one as soon as I’m able to after my trip. There is a security guard going around the premesis trying to stop anyone from taking photos but I was able to. What was nice was that I was not alone on this venture as I saw other keepsakes that people have left behind such as a Guitar pick and a piece of an Army outfit that had the initials of the soldier who left it behind. I whispered a soft prayer in his name and thanked him for the endless inspiration he has provided me and readers such as yourself.

In my time here, I truly feel like I’m in Arkham. It’s almost like a scene like In the Mouth of Madness by John Carpenter.

View the rest of the photos on our Flickr page.

Food: Hemmingways – Clam chowder was incredible and the Calamari is among the best I’ve ever had.

Throughout the next 2 days I will be chronicaling my time in Arkham, ahem Providence. Stay tuned as I visit the local Masonic Hall, where Lovecraft resided and Athaneum (one of Lovecraft’s favorite spots).

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