Miskatonic Tour: Halloween in Salem

Visiting Salem has been a dream of mine as a child and visiting it on Halloween weekend is truly a blessing.

We ventured forth to find Salem taking many of the back-roads to truly see the local towns that border it. I’m facinated by the architecture of New England and Salem is abound with it. Some parts rest by a small lake where the ice cold October wind soars above and washes the town with an ice cold flurry.

We were able to visit some sites including:

The House of the Seven Gables. There are 2 shows and if you plan on visiting Salem, this should be where you finish your tour as it does end with a bang. A house that is a living theatre with locals playing the role of the cast of characters of the House’s past. Nathaniel Hawthorn wrote “The House of the Seven Gables” here and it feels like you’re transported back in time as you pass and squeeze through the hidden tunnels that connect some of the rooms.

Main Street – A true wonder to see so many people in costume and celebrating regardless of the cold and the oncoming winter snowstorm that the stations have been warning everyone about. Though it was raining all day, it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying this day in their most elaborate costumes. One costume of note – Zombie Tele-tubbies – hilarious and yet scary.

Some say that Salem is an inspiration of Arkham and I can see that insofar as the spookiness of the place but I can attribute that spookiness to many small towns of this area.

My photos were cut short as the rain did not let up and the frigid winds kept me confined to a trolly for many of the spots. We did get to see the Witch House from the outside. Darkly painted, it stands on a corner as an important point on any tour you take in Salem.

Harrisons Comix – this comic book store was packed as the multitudes from outside would come inside buying keepsakes and new issues. The store is one of the best comic-book gaming stores I’ve ever come across.

The scariest part of the evening was the drive home. We were let out of the House of the Seven Gables at 9pm when there was a Snowstorm hitting the entire Northeast. We were definately caught in it. There was something bugging me as we left Boston when I saw the highway electronic signs saying “Winter Storm Advisory – Take precautions when traveling”. It took 40 minutes to get back to Boston as the roads were getting bombarded in snow. Traffic was slowed down as there were 1-2 lanes of scattered cars and trucks attempting to make the voyage during the blizzard. This was a first for me and though it was truly dangerous and I was not having a good time doing it, it was rush and a feat I’m proud of. The Chevy Aveo I rented did well and came through for us. We arrived at our Hotel to find the power out as we were among the millions affected by power outages in the Northeast. Though the power was out, it didn’t stop the guest from continuing their festivities as we met in the main dining area and drank the night in celebration of Halloween weekend. Kudos to the bar staff for keeping the party going.

If you travel at anytime to Boston, you must visit Salem – it’s only 30 minutes away and it may take longer depending on the amount of traffic coming into the town.

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