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Welcome, intrepid souls, to Miskatonic University, an institution shrouded in arcane mystery, nestled in the enigmatic town of Arkham, Massachusetts. This hallowed university, rumored to reside in the fictional realm of Arkham, is a crucible of knowledge spanning the realms of Science, Liberal Studies, Medicine, Business & Law. Our world-renowned medical program, an odyssey of the mind, commences in the haunting halls of the local Arkham Asylum, a stone's throw from our ivy-clad campus.

Miskatonic University is a citadel of learning, dedicated to a vast array of scholarly pursuits - from the empirical sciences to the ethereal arts, ascending into the arcane world of forbidden knowledge. Our faculty, guardians of esoteric wisdom, have gathered artifacts and lore from the darkest corners of the globe, ready to impart these mysteries to those who dare to learn. Enroll today, and take your first step into a world where the lines between the known and the unknown blur.

Miskatonic University Squids

Miskatonic Squids

Home to the National Soccer Champions, the Miskatonic Squids, our university is not just a bastion of academic pursuit but also of athletic prowess. Explore our ivy league campus and delve into the Orne Library's special collections, housing forbidden texts like the infamous "Necronomicon", a tome of unspeakable knowledge. Roam our central campus and discover departments renowned for their unique contributions to knowledge, such as the enigmatic Medieval Metaphysics. Visit the Expeditions, where you can traverse the synopses of past expeditions - chronicling both the triumphs and tribulations. A directory awaits, revealing insights into our esteemed staff and personal profiles of select members. The university is now encouraging new students and faculty members to join. For more information, look in the Policy section of the university. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ex Gnosis Ad Scientia, From Wisdom to Science

The Real Story stands as a homage to the famously fictitious Miskatonic University, birthed from the mind of the legendary H.P. Lovecraft, a master of early American Horror Fiction. Admirers of Baroque Horror fiction by celebrated authors such as Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, August Derleth, Lord Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith, Neil Gaiman, and others are beckoned to enroll in Miskatonic University today. To join is to embark on a journey through the shadowed realms of knowledge, and it is absolutely free. Your adventure begins with registration, a gateway to joining our esteemed Alumni or Staff. Begin your journey today.

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