Special Collections

This area of the Orne Library, the famous Special Collections area, holds unique manuscripts dealing with the occult and Cthulhu Mythos. Please visit the area entitled Necronomicon for a synopses of the book.

All these books are the original manuscript hand – written unless the entry specifies that it was published. This page will be updated by our Book Hunters throughout 2021.

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Occult Books

Unique Documents


  • Hitherto Unknown Protozoa of Neglected, Faraway, or Unknown Lands
    author: Dr. Hermester Barrington
    pub. 1885

    • Vol. 1: Protozoa of Damned Rivers, Reservoires, and Artificial Lakes of the Catskills.
    • Vol. 2: Fossil Protozoa of the Ediacaran Strata
    • Vol. 3: Protozoa Ecology of the Department of Macondo, Columbia
    • Vol. 4: Protozoa of Typee and Devil’s Reef
    • Vol. 5: Protozoa of Maple White Land, El Dorado and Roirama
    • Vol. 6: Protozoa of Quijotania
    • Vol. 7: Protozoa of the Leng Plateau
  • Such Sites
    author: Dr. Kyle Link Storm
    written: 1928, pub. 1930