Sandy Petersen joins Trustees

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Sandy Petersen, developer of Chaosium Inc.’s Call of Cthulhu is a new member of our Trustees. Dr. Petersen is an acclaimed game developer and author working on titles such as RuneQuest and the Call of Cthulhu series in addition to numerous video games. Dr. Petersen worked on Doom, Doom II and Quake.

Members of Miskatonic University probably grew up on these games and it’s partly the reason we are all here. His love and dedication to Lovecraft’s work make him a renowned expert in all things Lovecraft. What makes him stand out is that he keeps coming back year after year with more work and ideas. This year he’s launched a new initiative with Cthulhu Wars where you, the player, are one of the Great Old Ones and you’ve come to reclaim the ruins of Earth. See the demo

Dr. Petersen reached out to use to join one of his new projects – Cthulhucurious – a Marketplace for the Obsessed where users can sign up and buy odd Cthulhu-related items from all around the world.

Reach out to Dr. Petersen on his facebook and SandyofCthulhu twitter accounts and welcome him on behalf of the university. We’re looking forward to Dr. Petersen’s lectures on Summerian Symbolism and the Cats of Ulthar.

Learn more about Dr. Sandy Petersen in his interview with Matt Barton on Matt Chat.

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  1. Welcome aboard. Let some uh’us old timers show you around. You’ll need some cafeteria advice, trust me.

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