Assignment Desk

Articles that we’re looking for:

We’re looking for articles written in the fashion of The Onion. These should be comedic/satirical articles of 500 words or more.  Users are encouraged to use their imagination but prepare a 25 word overview of the article before submission for approval. Authors will need to have a Fivrr account as Miskatonic University uses that service to pay its talent.

You will be added as a Staff Member. Review from the topics beow and if you’re not interested in any, go ahead and submit your ideas using the “Additional Comments” when you Apply Now.

Fiction Topics:

  • Cult of Starry Wisdom to Open New Chapter
  • Inhuman Attacks Local Families
  • Break in at the Black Pharaoh Exhibit
  • Doomed Pacific Expedition Exhibit Opens Today
  • Local Speakeasy Descent into Madness
  • Shopper Madness Strikes Arkham

Non-Fiction Topics:

  • Top 5 80’s Lovecraft Movies
  • Top 5 90’s Lovecraft Movies
  • Top 5  2000’s Lovecraft Movies
  • Cthulhu Baby Gifts
  • New Mom Lovecraft Gift Ideas