About Chancellor Smith

Chancellor Smith, founder of Miskatonic-University.org, has been a long time fan of H.P. Lovecraft's writings. Player of all things Call of Cthulhu™ and various other role-playing games and historian of Occult Studies. In addition to his work here, he is also a composer of dark ambient and founder of the SaberCraft saber choreography notation system.

Original NFT Diploma of Dr. Herbert West MD

Within the Special Collections of the Orne Library, an original copy of Dr. Herbert West MD’s diploma is available. It is on loan by the current owner, Lord Reginald Ferdinand, current holder of the original NFT (Non-fungible token). If you are interested in taking ownership of the document, visit our store at Opensea.

Duplicate copy - Dr Hertbert West Diploma

Duplicate copy – Dr Hertbert West Diploma