These people represent the foundation of the School and its ideals.
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The members listed below are not actual professors and this list is NOT to be used for any type of employment or education accreditation verification. For more information, read more about our HONESTY Policy.

Department: Astronomy
Chancellor Smith, founder of Miskatonic-University.org, has been a long time fan of H.P. Lovecraft's writings. Player of all things Call of Cthulhu™ and various other role-playing games and historian of Occult Studies. In addition to his work here, he is also a composer of dark ambient and founder of the SaberCraft saber choreography notation system.
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Department: Occult Studies
Dr. Matthew Green, professor of Occult Studies, Philosophy and curriculum developer of Miskatonic's Cryptozoology course. He's an extensive traveler and has covered expeditions that have covered the world over.
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Annotated Staff:

  • Dr. Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, from “The Dunwich Horror”
  • Professor Ferdinand C. Ashley, Ancient History from “The Shadow Beyond Time”
  • Professor Atwood, Physics from “At the Mountains of Madness”
  • Professor Dexter, Zoology from “The Whisperer in the Dark”
  • Professor William Dyer, Geology from “At the Mountains of Madness” “The Shadow Beyond Time”
  • Professor Ellery, Chemistry from “Dream in the Witch’s House”
  • Professor Tyler M. Freeborn’s, Anthropology is from “The Shadow Beyond Time”
  • Dr. Allen Halsey, Dean of the School of Medicine, from “Herbert West: Reanimator”
  • Professor Lake, Biology from “At the Mountains of Madness”
  • Dr. Francis Morgan’s, archeology is from “The Dunwich Horror”
  • Professor Frank H. Pabodie, Engineering from “At the Mountains of Madness”
  • Professor Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, Political Economy from “The Shadows Beyond Time”
  • Professor Wingate Peaslee, Psychology from “The Shadow Beyond Time”
  • Professor Warren Rice’s, linguistics from “The Dunwich Horror”
  • Professor Upham’s,  mathematics is from “Dream in the Witch’s House”
  • Dr. Waldron ( “Old Waldron”), DOCTOR from “Dream of the Witch House”
  • Albert N. Wilmarth, English from “At the Mountains of Madness” “The Whisperer in the Dark”

Source: “The new annotated HP Lovecraft”

Associate Faculty:

Display NameYear GraduatedDegree
Ian Watson1909Advanced Surrealism
C.T.H.U.L.H.U.1900Ancient History
Eric C. LoPresti1929Ancient History
Thomas Maxwell1914Ancient History
Morgan Polen1929Ancient History
Sebastien Doyon1927Ancient History
Karl Lee Justice III1929Ancient History
Katherine Nicole Gonzalez1923Ancient History
Balthazar Griffiths1929Ancient History
Michael Lewis Cerrato1927Ancient History
Laura Lee Gamez1926Ancient History
John David Sunley1928Ancient History
Richard A. Gillette1908Ancient History
Jared Kane1909Ancient History
Mikael Johannes Mattila1911Ancient History
Michael J Bertolini1926Ancient History
David Massa1915Ancient History
Charles Reynolds1919Ancient History
Steven W. Morgan1912Ancient History
Daniel P. Shanahan1918Ancient History
Ward Muckenthaler1929Ancient History
Justin Tack1929Ancient History
Colin Roy Alexander McInnes1900Ancient History
Roser Ferrer Jarque1920Ancient History
Karen Violet Christianson1929Ancient History
Catherine Butzen1921Ancient History
Howard K Weiner1929Ancient History
Atwood MacMullin Boyd1906Ancient History
Guerrino Ventura1903Ancient History
Joshua David Shanks1900Ancient History
Niklas Edlund1928Ancient History
Seungho Jeong1909Ancient History
David Miller1928Ancient History
Marko Welz1900Ancient History
Pedro Dobbin1900Ancient History
Shawn W Marmash1965Ancient History
Matthew Evan Cassidy1928Ancient History
Franois LainŽ1922Ancient History
Richard Smith1905Ancient History
John1965Ancient History
Efrain Nadal De Choudens1965Ancient History
Robert James Jackson1908Ancient History
R_W_ Luke Hill Gordon, 32¡1955Ancient History
Patrick Shaheen1923Ancient History
Jeffrey Duncan1930Ancient History
David Arthur Young1965Ancient History
Frank W. Hall1965Ancient History
Joshua Alexander Gibson1922Ancient History
Michael Grogan1963Ancient History
Richard L. Baran Jr1962Ancient History
Dominic Michael Tanza1957Ancient History
Jehan Depreux1903Ancient History
Gregory Watson1946Ancient History
Miorelli Stefano1926Ancient History
Jesus Cano1933Ancient History
Matthew Wallace1964Ancient History
Shawn P. Ryan1908Ancient History
Claude Lahaye1965Ancient History
Nim Nova1912Ancient History
Rafael Paiz1965Ancient History
Taylor Montgomery1919Ancient History
Adrien Nones1965Ancient History
Jason Alexander Shin1965Ancient History
Lyle Tompsen1961Ancient History
Monte Kent Andersen1928Anthropology
Benoit Zephiriel Casini1921Anthropology
Erin Masich1924Anthropology
Blair R Fawcett1910Anthropology
PJ Finczak1929Anthropology
Brandon Storm1908Anthropology
Lara Bauld1927Anthropology
Alfred Luke Smith1925Anthropology
Reverend Eric Anger1904Anthropology
Lord Shimon Yamada1941Anthropology
Derek Grimmell1919Anthropology
Gregory N Erler1965Anthropology
Stephen Daniel Daignault1965Anthropology
Marcus Heron Lord Byron1965Anthropology
Wayne E. Allen1965Anthropology
James Arthur Fudge1929Archeology
Gary Morgan1929Archeology
Clifton James Heckman1929Archeology
John Gawronski1920Archeology
Jonathan Greenlee1929Archeology
Stephanie Anne Segel1928Archeology
Micheal Stachnik1925Archeology
William A. Coonradt1909Archeology
James H. Nelson1923Archeology
Al Desrochers1928Archeology
William D. Marona1900Archeology
Giuseppe Filotto1928Archeology
Derek G. Conley1909Archeology
Markus A. Gockel1928Archeology
Charles J Wright1965Archeology
Brian C Watkins, PhD1924Archeology
Scott Campanaro1901Archeology
John F. Montagne1932Archeology
Maurice Tate1965Archeology
Devon Stapleton1965Archeology
Suzanne Dickneite1913Archeology
Robert Jason White1923Astr
Chancellor Smith1928Astronomy
Antonio Polo1925Astronomy
Diosnel Herrnsdorf1903Astronomy
Marie Kouneski1920Astronomy
Bradley James Mahurin1930Astronomy
Anthony Dixon Jr.1905Astronomy
Jinyoung Lee1965Astronomy
Sandy Petersen1965Astrozoology
Caillean Maureen McMahon1913Biology
Hermester Barrington1928Biology
Joshua Russell1929Biology
Timothy Michael Mason1918Biology
Esther Ellen Harrington1901Biology
Fabiano Menegidio1928Biology
Peter Bush1965Biology
Wayne P. Kroncke1947Biology
Feiyi Sun1940Biology
Josh Bowers1907Botany
Andreas Spieler1929Chemistry
Lawrence Chesterton1904Chemistry
James Henderson1922Chemistry
Julia McKinney1965Chemistry
David Burkett1933Chemistry
Aymee R Michels1923Chemistry
Alexandre Luis de Paula1965Chemistry
Steve P Pelikan1924Classical Languages
Bonnie Zabytko1905Classical Languages
Matthew Doye1921Classical Languages
Tommaso Braccini1918Classical Languages
Constantine L Costopoulos1929Classical Languages
Thomas Mize1919Classical Languages
Erik Douglas Wood1929Classical Languages
Robert J. Hansen1927Classical Languages
Corrine S Cassias1929Classical Languages
Nathalia Sorgon Scotuzzi1909Classical Languages
Yogi Ramacharaka1895Classical Languages
Sempronia Hobgood1917Classical Languages
Christopher J. Thomas1965Classical Languages
James Riot1928Comparative Mythology
[emailÊprotected]1913Comparative Mythology
Tabatha K Schoenfeldt1929Cryptozoology
Joshua N. Neal1921Cryptozoology
Kacee L. Cole1908Cryptozoology
Christopher Denton1928Cryptozoology
Robert C Cleaveland1922Cryptozoology
Sara Jane Johnston1928Cryptozoology
Newt Charlotte1907Cryptozoology
Chance Le Meur1928Cryptozoology
James Wright1965Cryptozoology
Michael Tech1961Cryptozoology
Scott Ruscitto1925Cryptozoology
Jacob Blakeman1922Cryptozoology
Michael S. Pape1922Cryptozoology
Darrell J. Breeden III1943Cryptozoology
Chaylum Hogue1907Cryptozoology
Meredith Mengel1928Cryptozoology
Monica Gilbert1905Cryptozoology
Estil Vance1922Cryptozoology
Stephen Fidelius1908Cryptozoology
Alonzo Andrews1957Cryptozoology
Gregory Earl Williams1967Cryptozoology
James M. Speicher1930Cryptozoology
Samantha Tubbs1933Cryptozoology
Brian R. Hale1897Cryptozoology
Zane F.1914Cryptozoology
Mariel Clayton1895Cryptozoology
Charlie J. Wall1915Cryptozoology
Mark Clifford Trewin1945Cryptozoology
Roger P. Findley1895Cryptozoology
David J Shadwick1916Cryptozoology
Eduardo Villacis1922Cthulhu Studies
Eric Crampton1918Economics
Christopher S. Hatcher1929Engineering
Mark Tailleur1918Engineering
Eduardo Rabatu1929Engineering
Alfred J Garcia1929Engineering
Niall Arwel Morrice1900Engineering
Steven S. Matheny1911Engineering
William Douglas Bramlett1902English
Sean Alan Ryan1908English
Griffen Cole1925English
Ryan C. Elliott1925English
Perry Neil Harrison1926English
David Laskowski1928English
Christopher Ratcliffe1918English
Scott Garthwaite1932English
James Burns1953English
Sue L. Law1965English
Steven Nash1898English
JosŽ Manuel Correoso-Rodenas1964English
Ryan Quinn McIntire1923Fine Arts
Walt Anthony1906Fine Arts
Shannie McGough1902Fine Arts
Jose Luis Avelino1928Fine Arts
Alex Bradley1928Fine Arts
JoAnna Jones1927Fine Arts
Albert M. Frank III1928Fine Arts
Steven E. Thornburg1928Fine Arts
Heather L Nunez1928Fine Arts
Gema Pinedo de Pedro1965Fine Arts
Dean Zephyr Hoff1907Geography
Janel Bisacquino1935Geography
Ryan Wolf1953Geography
Richard B. Messer1953Geography
David A. Stanley1928Geology
Jason Cotton1931Geology
Nicholas E. McMillen1927Invertebrate Zoology
Ken Hinzman1927Mathematics
Manuel de la Mileo1917Mathematics
David Schall1923Mathematics
Rodney Engdahl1928Mathematics
John Dennis Forshey1913Mathematics
Warren Adams-Ockrassa1923Mathematics
Santiago Martinez1905Mathematics
Brent Jernigan1906Mathematics
Dr. S. Green1920Mathematics
Pablo Casado Arias1922Mathematics
Joseph Lane Craig1922Mathematics
Bradley John Wood1939Mathematics
Barton Wayne Seal1931Mathematics
Katherine Terban1907Mathematics
Paul Chant1921Mathematics
Stephen James Dutra1928Mathematics
Kazumichi Tanabe1921Medicine
Penelope Francis Dreadful1924Medicine
Ayla Theydon-Payne1921Medicine
Heather Dickson1965Medicine
Chancellor Smith1928Medieval Metaphysics
Mark S. Glochowsky1927Medieval Metaphysics
Monroe Charles1923Medieval Metaphysics
Chas Bardsley1929Medieval Metaphysics
Jimmy "JR" Ray Tyner III1928Medieval Metaphysics
Michael David Cox1929Medieval Metaphysics
Larry Vincent Poupard1929Medieval Metaphysics
Reverend Douglas Anthony Perkins1929Medieval Metaphysics
Robert Lewis1929Medieval Metaphysics
Patric M. Lagny1926Medieval Metaphysics
Raclaw Schablotski1925Medieval Metaphysics
Hroi Norsix1929Medieval Metaphysics
Jeff Richards1918Medieval Metaphysics
Dennis Edward Finley1901Medieval Metaphysics
Robert Wolfe1929Medieval Metaphysics
Dr S P Shute1929Medieval Metaphysics
Iliff Hjalmar Werdegast1923Medieval Metaphysics
Lewis P. Stanek1929Medieval Metaphysics
Scott Van Cockrell1947Medieval Metaphysics
Derek Meier1929Medieval Metaphysics
Mark Alden Smith1919Medieval Metaphysics
Lance Perry Peterson1921Medieval Metaphysics
Christian Brandt1923Medieval Metaphysics
Jesse Heindl1902Medieval Metaphysics
James S. Morgenstern1928Medieval Metaphysics
Dr. Michael Henry, PhD1903Medieval Metaphysics
Lola Norton1903Medieval Metaphysics
N.Shadow1908Medieval Metaphysics
Bernard J McLaughlin1914Medieval Metaphysics
Jessica R. Kibe1928Medieval Metaphysics
James M. Spahn1928Medieval Metaphysics
Jani T. Jussila1921Medieval Metaphysics
Daedalus Westland1900Medieval Metaphysics
Steven Laudano1927Medieval Metaphysics
Paul Maclean1928Medieval Metaphysics
Dr. Charles E. Brown1901Medieval Metaphysics
Abbie Brown1928Medieval Metaphysics
Justin M. Phillips1900Medieval Metaphysics
Thomas Richard Clayton Jr.1927Medieval Metaphysics
Joseph Anthony Payne1928Medieval Metaphysics
Michael Ormsby1903Medieval Metaphysics
Maggie-beth1926Medieval Metaphysics
Natalie Goodrich1926Medieval Metaphysics
Jerome Paul Trzeciakowski1952Medieval Metaphysics
M Roland1904Medieval Metaphysics
Sid Wing1965Medieval Metaphysics
Kristi Mennona1900Medieval Metaphysics
James J. Leflar, Jr.1909Medieval Metaphysics
Thomas William Glaser1900Medieval Metaphysics
Paul Cook1927Medieval Metaphysics
Martin John Hinchcliffe1965Medieval Metaphysics
Ernest C. Sandridge III1963Medieval Metaphysics
Se‡n Patrick Fey1938Medieval Metaphysics
Charles Aquila Coulombe1921Medieval Metaphysics
Michael P Miller1965Medieval Metaphysics
Rob Roy1957Medieval Metaphysics
JAMD1965Medieval Metaphysics
Athena Costilow1928Medieval Metaphysics
Reverend Gavin G. Gavial1929Medieval Metaphysics
Sean Lusk1937Medieval Metaphysics
Gabriel Thomas Morgan1920Medieval Metaphysics
Clarence Milton Novess III KGCTJ1965Medieval Metaphysics
RSM1992Medieval Metaphysics
Paul Hoehner1965Medieval Metaphysics
Alexander Furst1900Medieval Metaphysics
Shaun Gallagher1956Medieval Metaphysics
Steven Russ Jones1922Medieval Metaphysics
Eddie Coulter1922Medieval Metaphysics
Dane Ilario1951Medieval Metaphysics
Timothy Will1965Medieval Metaphysics
Darla Randall1908Medieval Metaphysics
James Cueno1932Medieval Metaphysics
Stephen M Ritterbush1965Medieval Metaphysics
Christian Gesmundo1965Medieval Metaphysics
Jeff Lee1965Medieval Metaphysics
Will Sealy1965Modern Languages
Bradley Delforce1929Music
Robert Freeborn1918Music
Daniel Michols1902Music
Michael Briggs1965Music
Thomas von Wachenfeldt1947Music
M. A. Stone1906Occult Physics
Justin D. Barber1916Occult Studies
Luca Piazzi1929Occult Studies
carol Rondou1917Occult Studies
Troy Robert Reeder1929Occult Studies
John Ernest DiDonato1929Occult Studies
Balthazar Irving Khan1925Occult Studies
Alyssa Renee Tyree1904Occult Studies
Ryan Wayne Sparling1927Occult Studies
Andrea Bizioli1919Occult Studies
W Zachary Smith1919Occult Studies
Barry D. Guertin1929Occult Studies
Alexander von Hochtritt1908Occult Studies
Anthony B Ciak1917Occult Studies
Jonathan Perry Dibblee1912Occult Studies
Travis Vincent Meyer1900Occult Studies
Heather Anne Crews1913Occult Studies
Dr. Oliver Frasier1906Occult Studies
Zachery James Berger1929Occult Studies
Kalei TrediciOccult Studies
Massimiliano Cerruti1927Occult Studies
Mrs. Helene Plushbottom1929Occult Studies
Paul Michael Harrsch1909Occult Studies
Edward Coughlin1909Occult Studies
Neil G A Walker1923Occult Studies
Daryl Morazzini1928Occult Studies
Jeffrey Anderson1920Occult Studies
Francois Birtz1900Occult Studies
Kelly Anne Nulty1928Occult Studies
Dahlia de la Croix1900Occult Studies
Edward Keating1923Occult Studies
Tony Tremblay1928Occult Studies
Joseph Coderre1900Occult Studies
Michael D. Smith1901Occult Studies
Jacob M. Craven1928Occult Studies
Daniel Kurt Warren1928Occult Studies
M. Marc Magsaysay1909Occult Studies
Matthew Willis1928Occult Studies
Tracie Ivey1909Occult Studies
Raymond Delask1923Occult Studies
Scott Levasseur1928Occult Studies
Chris Hasara1900Occult Studies
Max Mallmann1902Occult Studies
Sayannel, lord Arkham1925Occult Studies
James D. Stewart, Ph.D.1902Occult Studies
Ashe Voodoo Jones Russell1928Occult Studies
Kabakithis1900Occult Studies
Gary J. Campbell1928Occult Studies
Logan Cain McCulloch1900Occult Studies
David Vezzuto1927Occult Studies
Phillip M. Bercot1928Occult Studies
mikeiniowa1926Occult Studies
Sackett Snodgrass1920Occult Studies
Lord Jeffrey DePew1926Occult Studies
Mr Daniel Holmes (Father of Libby)1928Occult Studies
Eric Staggs1965Occult Studies
Captain Jamie Bedlam1926Occult Studies
Christopher Royal1956Occult Studies
Matthew Beining1923Occult Studies
Christian Jannicelli1905Occult Studies
Professor Crow1909Occult Studies
Jason Fawcett1931Occult Studies
Richard W. Miller1902Occult Studies
Robert Perry1965Occult Studies
Mark L Dixon1901Occult Studies
B P Pfeiffer1942Occult Studies
Alan Jones1902Occult Studies
Bryson Keenan1965Occult Studies
Thomas Campbell1898Occult Studies
Levi Aggett1928Occult Studies
Eric Cullens1928Occult Studies
P Emil Schlosser1939Occult Studies
Rasputin1965Occult Studies
Melanie A. Ketterer1901Occult Studies
Scott "Abraxas" Snyder1939Occult Studies
Jeffrey Lee1961Occult Studies
Father Frank1965Occult Studies
Mike Ackman1925Occult Studies
Laurel Methot1934Occult Studies
Daniel Paschal1928Occult Studies
A. W. McClure1948Occult Studies
Michael Richards1965Occult Studies
Kelly Anne Hayes1965Occult Studies
Tymoteusz Alan Chrzanowski1937Occult Studies
Michael Cieslak1921Occult Studies
Scotty Dwight Lawrence Bridge1925Occult Studies
Nathan Ventic1920Occult Studies
Arnd Moritz1965Occult Studies
LeviGeorge1924Occult Studies
Darryl Riser1964Occult Studies
Marshall Howes1907Occult Studies
Travis Beck1965Occult Studies
Danica Easley1928Occult Studies
Tyler Middleton1926Occult Studies
William G. Buchina1917Occult Studies
Michael Bowles1928Occult Studies
Burton A. Venaas1963Occult Studies
Albert Altimira Villalobos1965Occult Studies
Bryan Snowdon-Way1965Occult Studies
Yankõ Enki1920Occult Studies
Skip French1956Occult Studies
Anthony A. Labriola1922Occult Studies
Mary Karren-Landry1915Occult Studies
Cecily Cogsworth1915Occult Studies
Joshua Winch1901Occult Studies
Stefano Mazza1895Occult Studies
Neil Morales1897Occult Studies
Bruno Giovannoli1927Occult Studies
Melissa Osborn1896Occult Studies
Valerie Courville1904Occult Studies
Remy Shapiro1905Occult Studies
Simon Legault1937Occult Studies
Lucas Stegman1949Occult Studies
Cole Drewes1895Occult Studies
Michael Paul Manning1901Occult Studies
John Roll III1925Occult Studies
James Clayton Bates1960Occult Studies
Jordan Bilak1965Occult Studies
Nicholas A. Misner1917Occult Studies
Barbara A. Griffith1895Occult Studies
Andrew Hope1924Occult Studies
John Della Pia1895Occult Studies
John Patrick Stewart1965Occult Studies
Erik Bernhard Newlin1965Occult Studies
Thomas Jakob1964Occult Studies
Gerard Gerard1895Occult Studies
Elsa Sulaiman1925Occult Studies
Michael Pennington1954Occult Studies
Jennifer L. Sanders1919Occult Studies
John Baltisberger1965Occult Studies
Michael Jervis1965Occult Studies
Stephen P. Ashley1965Occult Studies
Carsten Hopf1965Occult Studies
Lisa Marie Dunn1933Occult Studies
Ivanova Venetta1965Occult Studies
David Jones1903Philosophy
Francisco Javier Ciruela Peralta1925Philosophy
Pedro Vargas Mas1916Philosophy
Matthew Green1929Philosophy
Yuri Tkachenko1900Philosophy
Louis J. Giliberto Jr.1929Philosophy
Timothy G. White1927Philosophy
Christopher Vaughan1919Philosophy
Stephen Purbrick1929Philosophy
Hendrik Blom1904Philosophy
Garret Alan Myhan1924Philosophy
Anthony C. Glover1905Philosophy
Edwin Thomasson1900Philosophy
Sean E. Tisdale1909Philosophy
Jongwoo Kim1903Philosophy
Bruce H. Blacknight1965Philosophy
Stephen Howell1965Philosophy
Sascha Pilling1904Philosophy
Thom Lesniewski1965Philosophy
Scott Duede1965Philosophy
Owen Matson1908Philosophy
Jonathan Colen1965Philosophy
Herb Romm1963Philosophy
Richard Lee Bradshaw1916Philosophy
Debra Jean Hernandez1923Philosophy
Patience Ann Allaway1928Physics
Matthew Masich1922Psychology
Andrea Louise Mills1929Psychology
Timothy Balzer1928Psychology
Brent R Shaw1924Psychology
Orlando Mayorga1925Psychology
Michael Raymond1921Psychology
Eric Naranjo1929Psychology
T. Gerald Mullen1928Psychology
Susan Ankney1928Psychology
Lloyd J. Rakosnik1929Psychology
Kevin Arthur Smith1925Psychology
Charles A Noonan III1928Psychology
Matthew Mitchum1928Psychology
Charles W. McCurdy II1922Psychology
William E. Clemmons1928Psychology
J.R. Murphy1907Psychology
Kelly Ann Gauthier1923Psychology
Andrew J. McMenamin1928Psychology
Thierry Godot1961Psychology
Thadius James Fletcher1902Psychology
Patrick Stevenson1965Psychology
R. D. McGregor Dinsmoor1965Psychology
John H. Whitehouse, Jr.1928Psychology
William Whisnant1947Psychology
Douglas Yore1931Psychology
Lars Gravert1923Psychology
Stack John1909Psychology
Jeff McClure1965Psychology
Thorin Segler1927Psychology
Andrew Harrison1926Psychology
Darlene Szots1902Psychology
Mark Chiu1946Psychology
Paul Kovach1963Psychology
Brett Joseph Reylander1965Psychology
David Hocking1965Psychology
Kyle Jasper Bailey1950Psychology
Charles Phillips II1929Religion
Erick Karl Weigel Sr.1911Religion
Reverend David Dirt!1913Religion
John R.Hillman Jr1941Religion
Jonathon Stewart Douglas1928Religion
Travis Dunlap1929Religion
Sohrab Sepehri1965Religion
Kevin Bogus1965Religion
Dominick Bruno Jr1923Sociometrics
Kenneth James Brown1929Sociometrics
Joel DiPippa1919Sociometrics
Dr. or Current Resident Fenderson1906Sociometrics
Kurt Reymers1957Sociometrics
Jaime C. Tyler1942Sociometrics
Daevad Tajkowski1914Ancient History