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Dr. Matthew Green, professor of Occult Studies, Philosophy and curriculum developer of Miskatonic's Cryptozoology course. He's an extensive traveler and has covered expeditions that have covered the world over.

Tracking Vikings in the Archipelagos

Mother Hydra

Mother Hydra

Professor Dr. Artie Lindervisk of the Collage of Archeology and Anthropology in Stockholm, Sweden had called upon Miskatonic University and its extensive knowledge of the Occult and the old religions, as well as its studies in the pseudoscience Cryptozoology, to conduct a follow up expedition to the ruins of a remote village on one of the many archipelagos in. This island was said to once be inhabited by Vikings. There were a number of Viking runes on stones where the village once stood, and in a nearby shallow water cave system. There in the cave were also sightings of a creature described as: greyish-green, with white bellies, mostly shiny and slippery, with scaly ridges on their backs, heads that were like fish, prodigious bulging eyes that never seemed to close, palpitating gills on the sides of their necks, and long webbed paws.

Dagon and Viking Ship

Dagon and Viking Ship

At Chancellor Smiths’ request, Drs. Matthew T Green, Dr. Joshua Neal, PhD Cryptozoology, and Ferdinand C. Ashley, PhD Ancient History, along with a few of our outside colleagues, Dr. Michael Duke, PhD Archeology, Dr. John Hicks, PhD Anthropology, Dr. Alfredo Ontiveros, Religious History, Dr. Aaron Oddo, Epigraphy / Paleography, and Shawn Hicks our Foreign Relations Advisor and Security Team leader, boarded a cargo plane in Salem, MA to head to Stockholm, Sweden.

Once we landed in Stockholm we visited Nordiska museet where we met up with Professor Dr. Artie Lindervisk, to review his Team’s findings, and conduct a bit of preparation before our trip to the northern shores of Bottenviken. We decided to book passage on a ship to sail up the coast to get a feel for the beautiful shores along the Gulf of Bothnia on the way to Lulea, and ultimately, Bottenviken. We booked passage on the clipper ship “Gallifrey Night” and sailed up the coast to Lulea, Sweden.

Viking Stone

Viking Stone marking an old Viking site, and the cave system nearby

We stayed a few days in Lulea to get the proper permissions and our charter arrangements in order. We booked passage on a small fishing vessel named “Vessen” to take us back out into Bottenviken and to the archipelago.
Once we landed we spread out to look for the Site. We found the stones that Dr. Lindervisk’s Team had found marking the old Viking site, and the cave system nearby. There were many runic symbols and Viking hieroglyphics in the caves. We spent a few days on the archipelago, where we found many runic symbols. Both Dr. Oddo and Dr. Ontiveros agree that they found a carving depicting Dagon and a Viking ship. Dr. Duke and Dr. Hicks found an intricate design depicting Mother Hydra at the base of a wall towards the back of the cave system. We found a necklace made of silver in a shallow pond inside the cave as well.

We took a few pictures and had cleaned up some charcoal rubbings of a few of the more interesting ruins that we found. We all had a great time exploring the island. Even though we found some odd prints in the sand in and around the cave we had no sightings of the fish/human creatures that Dr. Lindervisk and his Team said they sighted – Much to Dr. Neal’s consternation.

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