• FAQ: I’m a returning member, how do i login. I don’t remember my password. How do I change something on my diploma. How do I add a picture.
  • Finish School of Science, Business and Law
  • Format Expeditions – Photo Gallery – Developer Bros, + stuff on Facebook, Cthulhu?
  • Condition that if there are no expeditions – don’t show anything
  • Test Membership
  • Miskatonic Inquisitior Comp
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  • Search Results should use excerpts
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  • Create facebook test account and try syndicating and sharing
  • WP-robot – 8-25-12
  • Paypal – Finalize Path
  • Add legal mumbo-jumbo to the Expeditiaons page.
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>>> You may want to include a little verbiage for the “password” field saying what characters are valid and what are not…
>>> Consider to place the “Complete signup” button on the center of the row (instead of right justified)
>>> You may also improve the verbiage of the confirmation email… a little embellishment could help to build loyalty 🙂

>>> When you go back to MU from making your purchase at cafepress, it doesn’t show that your are still logged in, and the red login tab is misleading; if you navigate to another page, the name of the user and the log out button is displayed again. I guess that while the user is logged in, the “login” red tab should say “logout” using a grey background, so it discourages visitors to log-out.

>>> In some cases, on cafepress the main pict of the product at the top left doesn’t get loaded.
>>> Ouch! Now that I’m trying to purchase a diploma, am getting to the paypal sandbox–that was the intended test *doh!*
>>> Well, the creds for the sandbox don’t work either 🙁
>>> At the bottom of the “Order your Diploma” page, is this verbiage right? “When you have finished your transaction, please click “Return to Travelling East” to finalize…” shouldn’t say Miskatonic rather than TE?
>>> No problem to find how to add an expedition. Super simple and it just works. However the Terms and Conditions are not accessible (shouldn’t that be a link?). Also, you may consider to make the synopsis field wider.

>>> Mmm, As I was logged in as a Trustee member I navigated to the school of medicine to add the dept/class of Neuroling… but couldn’t find any clue to add it. So I logged out to re-login as a faculty member (BTW, when the user logs out, it should be taken to the home page, or to the log in page). Logged in as a fac member I navigated to the School of Medicine again, but didn’t find how to add a class. The FAQs doesn’t say. Search function either. Sorry, mission not accomplished. Ease of use: 1.