Miskatonic School For Girls Sponsorship

We’re proud to announce that we’re a sponsor for the Miskatonic School For Girls Deck Building Game. Miskatonic School for Girls is a card game where 4 players play against each other in a battle for sanity. Each player is armed with a paddle where they’ll end up building a card deck. The card deck is made up of girls who attend, which help keep your sanity, and Cthulhu Mythos Faculty, which try to take away your sanity. We first learned about the project around last Halloween while we took a trip to the North East to visit H.P. Lovecraft’s hometown. We saw the post on Kickstarter, which is an amazing website filled with talent and great ideas. We talked with Luke Peterschmidt from Fun to 11, the company that created the game. Luke was hyped about the sponsorship slot and he even worked out a great role for us in the game.

Asenath Waite from Miskatonic School for Girls

Luke recently sent us our Kickstarter edition of the game and we wanted to share our thoughts with all of you. Just a quick background, we assembled players of all types – from never having played a card building game to advanced role-playing gamers. Overall, our evening was a success and our guests were psyched for a next session. Our group of four took about 45 minutes to learn the game after watching Luke’s great tutorial to learn how to play Miskatonic School for Girls. After a quick review we launched right into the game armed with our little cheat sheet cards that the game provides a quick synopsis of the rules and makes referring to the game play really easy. Our second tournament lasted 20 minutes and our third went to 30 minutes. So it was active game-play after we got it down and it really kicked the night into overdrive.

From the start we would chuckle at some of the names of the girls and faculty. Some players didn’t recognize the Lovecraft references but anyone who’s as obsessed as I am will have to at least crack a smile when you read that “Gray Traceofyith” (refering to the Race of Yith) is the School Librarian – of course they would be. Other names “Seth Thoggua” (referring to Tsathoggua), “Coach Jermyn” (referring to Arthur Jermyn) and of course, our very own card “Asenath Waite (refering to the same from The Thing on the Doorstep). Luke was kind enough to include a Miskatonic University Alumni as a Faculty/Teacher card that appears a number of times in the deck. As part of the sponsorship, Luke even sent us a beautifully framed portrait of the original card painted by Betsy Peterschmidt. We hung it along-side our own diplomas. Go Miskatonic!!!

Asenath Waite with our Miskatonic and other school Certificates and Diplomas

Our Diplomas

Written with a macabre sense of humor, you’ll connect with the language as it stays true to the Lovecraft voice.

“Please remember that parents are not alllowed to visit during the school year except for our annual Oddly Shaped Rib Cook-Off…”
Miskatonic School For Girls Deck Building Game

As a first time deck card building game player, I have to say that it was a fun learn and made for a great evening. Don’t forget the wine!

Bottom Line: We recommend Miskatonic School For Girls Deck Building Game as your next game to add to your collection. H.P. Lovecraft along with Cthulhu fans will love adding this game to the collection.

Want to learn how to play? I can go more into detail but I’ll let Luke show you how to play the game.


Miskatonic University is a proud sponsor of a number of projects including the Miskatonic School For Girls, Nando Costa’s The New America and Ravelry designer Nancy Nutt.