Chemistry has come a long way from its origins in black magic and alchemy, but while chemists are no longer concerned with seeking the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Life, we continue to seek ways to enrich and improve human life.  Today, chemistry is a vital aspect of a liberal education, as well as an indispensible precursor to continued study in medicine and the sciences.  The Chemistry Department has exceptional facilities for students of all levels, including six laboratories (general inorganic chemistry, food analysis, physical chemistry, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and organic chemistry), a general stock room and an acid stock room, and a combustion room.  In addition to the research laboratories, all of our classrooms have fully equipped workbenches with water, gas, electricity and suction pumps.  Students enrolled in upper division chemistry courses may request a reserved space in any of the labs, and are granted access at all hours.

Classes Available: